The autopilot (AP) Controller is used to select subsystem functions and autopilot modes. It also is used to display function and mode annunciations and warnings via the LED lighting. The AP Controller is NVIS compatible for operations using night-vision equipment.

Small in size, the controller measures only 6¼” W X 1” H X ¾” D and it may be installed in a single or dual controller configuration without modification to the system.

The following subsystem functions are selectable from the controller:

¦AP¦ Autopilot (ON-OFF) – When AP “ON” selected, AP comes on in attitude retention mode in pitch and roll axes and “ATT” will be annunciated under HDG button
¦YD¦ Yaw Damper (ON-OFF) – Engages with AP ON – YD may be operated independently, with AP and/or with SCAS
¦FT¦ Force Trim (ON-OFF) –Only selectable when AP is ”OFF” – may be operated with SCAS and/or YD/or independently.
¦SCAS¦ SCAS (OFF-ON) – Defaults to ON at aircraft system power up – May be operated independently – Independent operation requires hands on cyclic at all time

The following autopilot modes are selectable from the controller:

¦HDG¦ Heading – follows heading bug from DG/HSI
¦IAS¦ Indicated Airspeed – samples and maintains current airspeed at engagement
¦ALT¦ Altitude Hold – samples and maintains current altitude at engagement Glide slope is armed when selected while in Alt mode if tracking the localizer GS annunciation is located under ALT button
¦VS¦ Vertical Speed – samples and maintains current vertical speed at engagement
¦LNAV¦ Lateral Navigation – senses selected navigation source such as VOR, LOC, GPSS, and Back Course Back Course (B/C) annunciation is located below LNAV button
¦VNAV¦ Vertical Navigation – mode used for WAAS GPS LPV approach