Our Vision

To develop a line of affordable, high-technology, automatic flight control products that will forever change the general aviation helicopter industry by making automatic flight control and stability augmentation affordable. Shortly thereafter, a new family of modern airplane autopilots will be produced.

Our Beginning

Cool City Electronics, Inc. was formed in 2001 to produce commercial electronic products for the transportation industry. Initial products included control systems and wiring harnesses for highly-sophisticated three-wheeled vehicles. In 2003, the company started work on the architecture for a new line of IFR-capable helicopter Automatic Flight Guidance Control System products.

In the fall of 2004, Cool City Avionics was formed to design, manufacture and market a line of innovative, affordable digital flight control systems for general aviation helicopters and airplanes.

Our Experience

Cool City Electronics personnel have over 300 years of combined experience in the automatic flight control industry; specifically in designing, manufacturing and installing automatic flight control systems for general aviation fixed-wing aircraft, coupled with more than 40 years of experience in the helicopter industry.

One of the principals, and other staff members, were founders of one of the industry-leading autopilot companies. In addition, their helicopter experience goes back to before “the helicopter war” in Vietnam and includes service with one of the helicopter industry’s largest OEM manufacturing companies.

The Cool City Electronics staff has a high level of understanding of the FAA certification process that comes from conducting a multitude of TSO qualifications and over 3000 STC approvals for automatic flight control systems. Some of our personnel have served as FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER), Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representatives (DMIRs), Designated Alteration Station (DAS) department managers and staff coordinators, and directed FAA-approved Quality Control Systems.

Cool City Electronics staff includes a number of individuals who have served in leadership positions in other aviation companies, with many having held top leadership positions in the autopilot industry.

From this combined experience comes a new line of products that take full advantage of today’s technology in circuit components, sensors and drive systems, to fulfill all of the flight control requirements of small and medium sized helicopters, while also providing new functions and significantly lowering system costs for large helicopters. In addition, new systems are in development for a variety of airplanes from King Airs to commuters.

Our Industry Impact

Now, owners, operators and pilots of small and medium-sized helicopters can enjoy the many benefits offered by stability augmentation systems and automatic flight guidance control systems that have been available on larger helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for decades.

Cool City stability augmentation systems and autopilot products are affordable, lightweight, high performance, professional-grade systems that improve the safety, stability and functionality of small and medium-sized helicopters, while giving the pilot more time to manage the cockpit workload efficiently and look for, and observe, traffic.

Beginning in 2016, new flight control systems for airplanes will be added to our family of products.

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