The Cool City Force Trim System is designed to give the pilots of light to medium-sized helicopters some “hands free” time to perform other activities, or just relax for a bit. The system holds the cyclic in its position at the time the system was activated by pressing a switch on the cyclic. It also reduces the pilot’s stress and fatigue, by giving him a few minutes of relaxation time.

Once activated, the system holds the cyclic in place using a force gradient system that provides a “force feel” as the control is moved away from its center “engage” position.

he system is light weight, less than 5 lbs. installed, and is upgradeable to most of our other products, including our full-function, 3-axis Autopilot/SCAS system,  the HFC-150.

The FT-100 is engaged and disengaged by using a switch mounted on the instrument panel. It can also be interrupted, by use of a convenient “Trim Release” switch mounted on the cyclic grip, for short-term maneuvering or re-centering.

FT-100 System Diagram

View System Diagram PDF File

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