The Cool City Stability Augmentation System (SAS) is designed for light to medium sized helicopters to improve basic airframe stability and reduce the upsets encountered in turbulence.

Consisting of an analog computer, with internal solid-state rate sensors, two series actuators (pitch/roll), and an annunciator/switch; the SAS system works by detecting and counteracting high-rate perturbations. The series actuators, installed in the rotorcraft’s primary control tubes, are very high-rate, low authority, electromechanical actuators. The actuators operate with approximately 10% control travel authority and take less than a second to move full actuator travel. For unquestioned safety, the actuators have internal electrical and mechanical stops.

Unlike other systems on the market that use parallel servos for SAS functions, the Cool City SAS-100 system incorporates series actuators for SAS operation. The use of series actuators in the system is important because it results in the operation of the SAS being transparent to the pilot and does not provide adverse feedback into the cyclic stick that would be detrimental to the training environment.

Operation of the Cool City SAS System is approved throughout the full flight envelope, from start-up to shut-down. The SAS System improves rotorcraft safety by reducing pilot workload and fatigue, while improving the quality of ride for all occupants.

With Cool City’s building block philosophy, you may later add the two or three axis digital helicopter autopilot to complete your rotorcraft’s automatic flight control system; and…without a substantial loss of your initial investment.

Contact your nearest Cool City Avionics dealer to discuss how the SAS-100 can improve your flight environment.

SAS-100 System Diagram
SAS-100 System Diagram

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