Now available only from Cool City, Inc.  Contact Bob Jones at 817-992-8535 or Jim Irwin at 940-452-2502.

The product line has been sold to a company in Mineral Wells, Texas.

The name and contact information for the buyer will be published here before October 15, 2022.        

Model 916

Product Details

The Cool City Stick Force Indicator, Model 916, is a hand-held force gauge that registers the amount of pressure needed to move an aircraft stick, wheel or throttle, either in flight or on the ground. It also measures the foot pedal force required to move rudders and tail rotors. For decades, it has been used as a flight test standard by the Federal Aviation Administration and carries the U. S. Army Aviation Part Number 6625NL133.

The Model 916 is intended for use with airplane, helicopter or flight simulator controls and is available in standard ranges from 50 to 200 lbs. maximum force.


• Direct-reading dial with a maximum pointer that remains at the highest pressure reading until reset manually.

• Models: 916A (0-50 lbs.), 916B (0-100 lbs.), 916C (0-200 lbs.) and 916D (0-30 lbs.)

• Dial indicator has a “maximum pointer” that remains at the highest pressure read until manually reset.

• Calibration chart is furnished with each instrument. See Note 2 below.

• Weight: 1.5 lbs.

The Stick Force Indicator was originally manufactured by the Brooklyn Tool & Machine Company, Hillside, NJ. Cool City, Inc. has updated the design to improve performance and ease of maintenance.

Model 950RE Reach Extender

Attaches to Stick Force Indicator for easier use in measurements of rudder and tail rotor pedal forces. Constructed of 6061 aluminum alloy.